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Complete Self-Publishing Services


My company New Insights Press is a full service self-publishing company that helps authors produce a high quality book. We offer writing, editing, design, publishing and PR / marketing services. Click below to go to New Insights Press website to learn more.

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Ghostwriting Your Book


If you are a consultant, coach, expert, or professional and you believe your business could benefit by being the author of a book, allow me to help you. I am a ghostwriter who can help you with publishing your book while you stay focused on your business. I have ghosted nearly 20 books. Click below to learn more at my website PublishToGetClients.com. 

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Writing and Publishing Consulting


If you have written a manuscript for a book and feel that you need someone to assess its quality, let me help you. I will review your manuscript and provide feedback on the organization, writing, and publishing prospects. I can assist you throughout the publishing process. Click below to learn more about my writing and editing services at PublishtoGetClients.com

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Business & Corporate Writing


I have extensive experience writing and editing white papers, business reports, business plans, and other types of corporate documents.  

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Creativity Coaching / Inspiration Day

Inspiration tour - a day of conversation to help you discover  a new idea, clarify your book theme,

I have worked extensively in the creativity and innovation field. I am the founder of the Creativity Coaching Association, an organization that certifies creativity coaches. With this background, I offer a full day of conversation to people who are seeking a new idea, inspiration or innovation. I employ a variety of techniques, including a day drive up the coast of California from Los Angeles to Malibu, where fresh sea air, nature, and possibly a bit of wine tasting will inspire you. 

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Guided Tour of France


I fell in love with France when I was a teenager. I earned a B.A. and M.A. in French literature and have lived in Paris. I have traveled throughout many regions of France and can offer my services to an individual or couple to guide you through many regions of France. 

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Get to Know Me

A Passion for Knowledge and Learning

Of all the things I pride myself on, it is having received an exceptional education, both formally and through my career.  I was educated in an exceptional high school in Connecticut, then attended Amherst College for a B.A. in French, then Boston University for an M.A. in French literature. In my 45+ years in publishing, I have worked with scores of authors on books in every major intellectual field -- psychology, creativity, business, leadership, personal finance, health, self-help, science, innovation, gender equality, learning, ethics and compliance, and even how to install dentures. These experiences allow me to feel comfortable working with professionals in every type of endeavor.  Feel free to peruse my blogs to get a feel for how I think and the depth of experience I can bring to your project. 

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Hundreds of Projects Behind Me


My 45+ years in publishing have crossed many fields -- textbook publishing, corporate learning, trade publishing, academic publishing, and business documents.  I bring a wealth of experience to the table for my clients. I have worked with business executives, managers, leaders, nonprofit executives, academics, coaches, consultants, doctors, dentists, CPAs, lawyers, and ordinary people who need to write something.  Whatever your needs, I probably have experience doing it. 

I'm in My Wisdom Years


I believe my life experiences have taught me much about how to communicate ideas persuasively, articulately, and with passion. I love writing and editing, publishing, being a ghostwriter, coaching, talking about new ideas, and relating to people.  I seek to bring my passion, wisdom, and balance to every project I work on.  

Are You Looking for a Ghostwriter?

If you are looking for a ghostwriter and/or a publishing house to help you self-publish your book, my video will introduce you to the services I can provide. 

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