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Well-polished communication is a necessity
 in today's fiercely competitive business world.

If you are in business, you or your employees probably spend hours writing research & technical reports, Internet content, memos, emails, product brochures, press releases, sales kits, and many other types of documents. Your documents reflect on your company in many ways. Financial analysts, management, colleagues, and customers -- everyone evaluates the quality of your business from the communications you place before them.

Don't lose the opportunity to ensure that every document coming from your company is exactly on target, impressively written, and completely lacking in grammatical and spelling errors.

I am available to help any writer overcome the following writing problems and blocks:

  1. Difficulty Getting Started -- If procrastination or confusion hold you back from writing, I will show you specific techniques that will allow you to begin writing with greater ease and flexibility. You will no longer find yourself mulling over ideas and wasting time for hours or days.  You will learn how you can jump into writing and be productive within minutes of your assignment.  Say goodbye to writing blocks now.
  2. Disorganized Ideas -- If you suffer from "disorganized" or "disjointed" writing, I can show you how to organize your ideas into a coherent, logical, and unified whole. I have developed 10 methods of organizing ideas, and will be able to make it clear to you which method is best for your project.
  3. Dull or Lackluster Writing --  Writing captivating, persuasive prose can be difficult if you are under pressure to perform. I can teach you specific techniques to make your writing feel fresh, vibrant, and sparkling.
  4. Grammatical & Spelling Mistakes --  Let's face it: we are all prone to English grammar and spelling errors. But when you are writing for business or a professional audience, you cannot let your documents exhibit simple grammar and spelling mistakes, which reflect poorly on your professionalism. I can help you learn more about English grammar and become more sensitive to your phrasings and common spelling mistakes.
  5. Verbosity & Overkill  --  If you are one of those people who tends to write 3 pages when 1 paragraph would have been enough, I can show you how to determine when you have written too much, and how to edit your own writing down to the most effective length.