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About Rick Benzel

Rick Benzel is a creative, organized, and talented writer / editor with 30 years experience in publishing. He is the author or ghostwriter of 15 books, as well as numerous magazine articles, and hundreds of pages of web content. He has also edited hundreds of books, spanning the fields of health, education, self-help, finance, business, creativity, and parenting.  (Click here to see Rick's Professional Resume.)


Books Authored or Ghosted (partial list)

bulletThe Way of Walking: Eastern Strategies for Vitality, Longevity, and Peace of Mind, with Jacques MoraMarco, Contemporary Books, 2000
bulletThe Best Guide to Alternative Medicine, with Paul Froemming, Renaissance Books, 1998
bulletMaking Money in a Health Service Business on Your Home-Based PC, 2nd Edition, McGraw Hill, 1997, (first edition 1993)
bulletTeaming Up: The Small Business Guide to Collaborating with Others to Boost Your Earnings and Expand Your Horizons, with Paul and Sarah Edwards, Putnam/Jeremy P. Tarcher, 1997
bullet Legal & Paralegal Services on Your Home-Based PC, with Katherine Sheehy Hussey, McGraw Hill, 1994
bullet Stock Options Can Make You Money, Research Team, Inc. 1999
bullet Big Profits from Small Stocks, Caer Laer Publishing, 1998
bullet The Complete Ginseng Handbook by Jack Moramarco, O.M.D., Contemporary Books, 1998
bullet Selling Goodness: The Guerrilla PR Guide to Promoting Your Charity, Non-Profit Organization or Fundraising Event by Michael Levine, Renaissance Books, 1998
bullet AHA: 10 Ways to Free Your Creative Spirit and Find Your Great Ideas by Jordan Ayan, Random House, 1997
bullet The Boundaryless Organization by Ron Ashkenaz et al., Jossey-Bass, 1995

Books Edited (partial list)

bulletThe Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron
bulletWhy Love Stops, How Love Stays: An Interactive Workbook to Make Your Relationship Last,  by Barbara Kreedman, Ph.D., BK Publishing, 2001
bulletThe New Paradigm in Business: an Anthology by Michael Ray
bulletThe Best Home Businesses for the 90s by Paul and Sarah Edwards, Tarcher/Putnam,
bulletMaking Money with Your Computer by Paul and Sarah Edwards, Tarcher/Putnam
bulletAwakening your Child's Natural Genius by Thomas Armstrong
bullet The Healthy Company: Eight Strategies to Develop People, Productivity, and Profits by Robert Rosen
bullet Mastering the Information Age: A Course in Thinking Better by Michael McCarthy
bullet The Arthritis Sourcebook by Earl Brewer
bullet Nontoxic, Natural, & Earthwise: A Consumer Guide by Deborah Dadd
bullet Fortysomething: Claiming the Power and Passion of Your Midlife Years by Ross Goldstein
bullet Peak Learning: A Master Course in the Skills of Self Education by Ron Gross
bullet A Life in the Arts by Eric Maisel
bullet The Birth Defect Prevention Guide by Carolyn Reuben
bullet Love Potions: The Doctor's Guide To Aphrodisiacs by Dr. Cynthia Watson
bullet When Someone You Love Has a Mental Illness by Rebecca Woolis