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Become a Published Author!

Is there a book inside you, waiting to capture the public's eye if you only knew how to write it? Are you craving to teach others the lessons in life you have learned? Would you like to have thousands of people reading about your successful business or personal story? Do you see yourself as a guest speaker on radio and television shows? Would you like your business name to become known throughout your region or even nationally?

Whatever your motivation, now is your chance to learn how to write a book with an expert coach, and finally fulfill your dreams.  Picture your name on the cover of a real printed book, and with the right marketing, seeing your book stocked in thousands of bookstores across the country and reviewed on Amazon.com and other web sites. Make your dream come true -- you can write your book NOW!

Writing a book is not easy, but you will be guided every step of the way with expert advice, based on 25 years experience in book publishing. I can help you get your book project off the ground, showing you everything you need to know to 1) outline your book's contents, 2) write a book proposal to sell your book to a publisher, 3) write your book in an engaging and intelligent way; and 4) market your book bookstore buyers and promote it to the public. I can work with you in any of the following ways:

Basic Book Writing Package

bulletI will first work with you for 5 hours to assess your book ideas and help you construct an outline and table of contents.
bulletYou will also receive 2 sample book proposals to use as models in the event that you want to submit your project to a traditional publisher and receive an advance against royalty to write your book. Both book proposals sold to mainstream publishers and are excellent guides to use in writing your own proposal.
bulletI will next work with you for 5 hours more to read your book proposal (if you write one), and/or your first sample chapter, providing editorial advice and commentary as needed to keep you on track and ensure that your project is targeted correctly. 
bulletYou may purchase additional editing or consulting from me at a discounted rate to complete your project. 
bulletYou have the option of hiring me or my associates to write your book for you at reasonable rates.

Advanced Book Writing Package

bulletSame as the basic package, except that I will ghostwrite your book and book proposal for you (or assign it to one of my associate writers who might fit your content needs better). You will be guaranteed a finished manuscript and book proposal to submit to a publisher or to self-publish on your own using one of our recommended publishing outlets. The fees for this service depend on the size of your book and complexity of your subject matter. 


bulletIf you are already in the process of writing your book and need specific advice or feedback, I can help. I am available to assess your outline and book proposal, review your first draft manuscript, or just to provide encouragement, support, and guidance on getting an agent or negotiating a contract.