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Rick Benzel 

Experienced, professional coaching that produces results for you.


Writing Coach

bulletDo you waste valuable business time doing draft after draft of writing that you eventually toss out?
bulletDo you wish you could write with greater clarity, & persuasive power?
bulletDoes your boss or manager criticize everything you write?

I'll work with you, one-on-one, to motivate and teach you the steps to great writing. You will see immediate results in your ability to write clearly and powerfully, whether your work is for business or personal goals. Don't let poor writing interfere with your career or self-esteem.

Writing Coaching

Book Writing Coach

bulletDo you have an idea for a nonfiction book that you think should be published?
bulletDo you want to advance your career and have your name on a book jacket as an expert authority?
bulletWould you like to appear on TV and be heard on radio shows as a celebrity author?

Whether you're a doctor, lawyer, consultant, psychologist, chef, or other professional in today's competitive world, publishing a book can boost your reputation and provide an income stream from sales and royalties. I can help you develop your concept, write it, get it published, & market it.

Authoring a Book

Editorial Services

I am available to edit, write, or ghost your material of any kind, whether it's a book, business plan, marketing document, or comedy skit.


 Editorial Services  


Creativity Coach

I can work with you as a "creativity coach" to enhance your creative work no matter what type of artistic enterprise you are involved in.  I work with writers, screenwriters, filmmakers, visual artists, potters, photographers, and more.